EM577 SUN 12V CCA Testeur de batteries

EM577 SUN 12V CCA Testeur de batteries de démarrage au plomb pour véhicules automobiles...

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All o sun Item Description :

1. Features                                          

      * Has three LEDs which are used to indicate the status of the battery under testing
      * Battery Load Test — Evaluate a battery's ability to crank an engine                                     

      * Cold Temp. Effets — For most accurate results, this effect should be compensated for when the battry's internal temp                    

      * Charging Voltage Test — Enable the user to measure the output voltage of the alternator / regulator      

      * Starter Motor Test — Identify excessive starter current draw                               

  2. Specification                                                   

      * Size:  203 x 100 x 64 mm (for main body only)
      * Weight:  475 g
      * Power Source:  provided by the vehicle's battery directly
      * Functon:   test battery load, cold temp. effects, charging voltage, starter motor
                       Especially for automotive battery

  3. Operation Insruction                             
      * Turn off the vehicle's engine, accessories and battery test equipment
      * Connect the black clamp / the red clamp respectively to the negative and positive terminals of battery. Ensure the connections are good

      * Note the battery's CCA rating
      * Press the SET CCA button repeatedly and quickly until the CCA value matches your battery

      * With the clamps connected, the display will show the state of charging     

         For Load Test

      * Press the LOAD button and then release it. The tester sounds a long beep and then tests load
        automatically for 10secs

      * After 10 secs, the tester will sound with two beeps indicating load test is done

      * After reading load voltage, please refer to the section Battery Load Test Analysis

        ( About more details, please refer to the INSTRUCTION MANUAL )

  4. Package                              
      * 1 x Instruction Manual
      * 1 x Carriable Bag  


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